Luxembourg Ville, Luxembourg – 20 February 2016

Due to its popularity, our restaurant has been voted as “TOP CHOICE 2016” by LIANORG. According to Mrs. Rita CHEN, Communications Manager of, our exquisite menu and friendly service have received positive reviews by LIANORG judges and Asian visitors leading to the successful qualification in their “TOP CHOICE” ranking system.

The “TOP CHOICE” ranking system includes four independent evaluation categories: restaurants, hotels, stores and tourist attractions. A unique medal is designed for each category and is awarded once a year. Every year, all qualified medalists already selected in the previous year are re-evaluated, and are added to the new qualified candidates of this year.

On, each restaurant enjoys an individual webpage (see Restaurant Grec Athena here…), where tourists can find useful practical information such as our contact details, official website, business hours, GPS map, photos etc. The automatic positioning system of our GPS map can be used by tourists’ mobile phones and laptops to locate the address of our restaurant and offer detailed navigation direction.

It is necessary to note that our restaurant has been also voted as “TOP CHOICE 2014” and “TOP CHOICE 2015” by LIANORG.

We would like to thank our customers for their positive feedback, especially our customers from Asia and LIANORG for this award! We are looking forward to welcome you again in our restaurant!